Wednesday, August 12, 2009

About me, my trip and Itinerary

Hello friends, here a little about me, my trip and Itinary.

Here the itinerary:

The departure day is August 13th 2009 (my "B"day) and the plan is to arrive to Tierra del Fuego the eve of 2010.
On the way, I will do the following stops

1st. Las Vegas where I will be meeting my good old friend Gonzalo on his way to Argentina. Gonzalo has been traveling with his girlfriend around the world in last 8 months. His blog in the links

2nd. Provo Ut - The main reason is to visit my friend Daniel Caballero and his family. I have not seen Daniel since ....2001 or earlier.

3rd. Cancun.....what ?? I have to explain this one ? ...well, I will be visiting another agentinian friend Diana Weisburd.

** During the month of October 2009 and while the bike seats in Cancun, I will be helping another friend Petra (mama) to move from Canada to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. I will be flying back to Canada to pick her up and then drive her to her new home in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) and flying back to Panama to continue my trip.

4th. Ciudad de Panama where I will be making a stop at Meliza Castrejon's house

** From Panama, and depending if I have company or not, I will consider to ride Colombia or not.

5th. Santiago de Chile, where I will picking up a friend Carolina Merello to do with her in the back the final stretch to Tierra de Fuego.

6th. My sister's house in Puerto San Julian, in the south of Argentina where I will be meeting my father as well.

8th. In addition to several stops in Buenos Aires, Cordoba and others places in general Argentina, I will be finishing my trip in at Federico Brioni's house in Sao Paulo Brazil.

Here is a video of the departure day !