Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Buenos Aires and the GF

What a wonderful sight when I entered the arrival area of the airport in Buenos Aries...Victor was front and centre of the waiting crowd. No need to worry of having to try and find him.

The hotel Victor picked was wonderful. Situated in a former private residence built in 1870 with many original features like mosaic floors, all rooms facing the private courtyard garden, fancy light fixtures, brass fittings and tall ceilings. It was an oasis from the road outside.

January 18 and 19 we simply wandered around Buenos Aries. I loved the old wooden subway trains with the canvas straps, varnished benches, and open windows. Canadian safety standard inspectors would have a wonderful time handing out violation tickets.

My first impressions of Buenos Aries? I felt immediately "at home" - very European but distinctly Spanish colonial. We took two bus tours to get a feel of the size and districts of the city. I can not get over the tree lined boulevards, the mansions, statutes, plazas, parks, sculptures, and the traffic. V is teaching me to dance through traffic against a red light but its not for the weak hearted. At the same time, however, there are gritty districts of poverty and life can be hard for some sectors of society here.

Victor quickly got me into the Buenos Aries attitude towards life. We shopped, o.k., I shopped. We sat at cafes to people watch. We are eating pastries, ice cream, meat, meat, and more meat. And of course to prevent heart disease from this rich diet one must have red wine.

Today will be our first ride. Victor is just loading the motorcycle now and soon we will be heading towards Mendoza.