Friday, February 12, 2010

Adios Buenos Aires !

Buenos Aries

I did not have a good day in Buenos Aries. It was hot with heavy rains. I was soaked and quite miserable as we lugged my luggage around town.

We arrived at the airport to find out that my 20:05 flight to Washington DC had been cancelled because of storms. Poor me. The next available flight will be Sunday night. All of a sudden, the day was pretty good.

V’s friend from Chilicito, Solidad and her husband Daniel, kindly accepted V’s announcement that we were coming over for dinner. They are a lovely couple who live in a funky loft style apartment.

After a delicious dinner we rode around in a taxi to find a hotel. It was not an easy task as it was pouring rain. V found a great old hotel on 25 Mayo. Its got great character with minimum decorative renovations (except the bathrooms) since the building was constructed at the turn of the 20th C. Its clean with tall ceilings, wooden floors, old furniture and a wooden elevator (cage).

Saturday February 6

V spent the day in the hotel because his feet were causing him bad pain. I walked for hours but basically spent the time in the Recoleta area where there are old mansions, parks, and museums. I enjoyed the national art gallery and the Recoleta cemetery where the rich and/or famous Portenos are buried. People still leave fresh flowers at Eva Peron’s tomb and the tourist were lined up for their photo. It was fascinating to peek into the mausoleums to see the caskets, some including pictures of the deceased.