Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cafayate - Salta

What a ride !!! what wonderful scenery ! We left St. Maria and headed north to Cafayate. The landscape continued to be dry shrub desert. We eventually came to a valley of green with a string of villages. Eventually the entire landscape was agricultural with vineyards.

I was surprised when we arrived in Cafayate. It is a pretty little tourist town that boosts its local wine made from grapes that grow at high altitudes. This area was part of the Inca Empire and one sees this in the people and the local crafts.

Leaving Cafayate behind, we took a bend in the road and all that I could say was "WOW"! As far as we could see was a massive red rock canyon. Victor was not having a good day riding the curves (it happens) but I was perfectly happy on the back taking photos.

We arrived in Salta and again, all that I could say was "WOW". I believe the city is the oldest in Argentina (it used to be the capital), and was established in the 16th C. The public structures, which arl built in the Colonial style, lit at night giving it a romantic atmosphere.
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